- Since 2016 -

What I've Done

Created Landscape

These pieces are a collection of creativity and self-expression. This work is more artistic than purpose-driven. These are inspired by emotion and reflection on myself and my experiences in life or learning.

These design works are made with the intent of being a physical piece. Whether they make it that far or not, they’re designed from the start with the physical medium in mind at every step. 

Interactive design includes web/UI, animation, and other “new media” works. For me it’s driven by desire, expression, and passion—though executed through deliberate choices, limitations, and requirements.

Internship Reflection

This report was a miniature case study/portfolio reflecting on my time as the Gallery Design intern at Winona State for the Watkins Gallery. Our job was to take the guest’s shows and create promotional materials for use around campus. While my individual success varied project to project, it was an incredible learning experience in utility design, production design, and the use of various productions machines. Intended for a 17×11 in-half booklet form factor, and exported for convenience via web.

Live Client Experience

This exercise in creating case studies was based on my first competitive experience with live clients. Competing against my class with and without partners or groups, I was charged with designing and producing works. These were for live clients to be hosted around campus. There's so much more that I've learned, which will be expanded on more in my coming case study on my time at Winona State, From Failure.

From Failure

I've had some great ideas that only ever came out of fabulous failure. Deeper than that though, some of my visually great designs were conceptual failures, and some of my not-so-great designs have been backed by great concepts, theories, and desires. This is an article walking through my growth during my time at Winona State.

Trust the Process

An extension of From Failure, Trust the Process is focused on aligning my experiences with the process that I try to follow. The connection between my "path straying" and my failure was gloriously relatable.