Who I Am

I’m a Web Designer born and raised in Minnesota. I come from a musical family and have been a musician playing drums, bass, and singing since I can remember. I’ve been a student of Design since 2016, concentrating on Technology and Interactive Design graduating with an A.S. from Rochester Community & Technical college and a B.A. from Winona State University. Any pictures you see have either been created or photographed by myself, or by my father Greg Hintermeister.

The Story So Far

Technically, my journey began in elementary school learning how to make dorky little Lego Bionicle games in the old free versions of a software called Game Maker. From there I dabbled in WordPress in middle school, where it started as an assigned project but grew on to be a little more personal. My Design life “went to sleep” in during high school, though I still played with code teaching myself some basic HTML and CSS.

After graduating high school in Spring 2015 I went off to basic training and MOS training for the MN National Guard, and started classes at Rochester Community & Technical College in Spring of 2016, graduating in May 2018. My studies at RCTC involved Web and Interaction Design. The main focus was getting caught up all the way from HTML, CSS, and into Javascript and some basic MySQL. I also learned the beginnings of  Graphic Design and the very basic fundamentals of animating in Adobe Animate.

That leads to my most recent education at Winona State University. Majoring in Technology and Interactive Design, I’ve gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the theory behind design. With the education of not just the how, but the why behind design means that I’m able to take the concepts behind UI/UX design and apply to software, hardware, physical objects, and text layout.

My professional career has been varied, but ever-so-important every step of the way. Between Google Ad marketing—social media content creation—website design, development, maintenance, and administration—and more, I’ve worked hard to make sure that no matter the client’s needs I can serve them.

My schooling had branched out to many different avenues of additional experiences. Positive and professional relationships with instructors at RCTC and WSU has been a huge source of knowledge and inspiration. Fellow students and those same instructors have suggested books and conferences, where I’ve gotten to explore external sources of information and ideation.

Personal interests in technology, both hardware and software, across computers, smartphones, and gaming devices keep me up-to-date at the consumer level. I’m very excited to fill out my network in the technology space. I’ve managed to build a great mental library of information to use in my work.

What I've Done