Sublime: Struggle & Peace


Self-curated gallery


Inspired by methods and theory of light, shadow, and color grading I'd absorbed via the Corridor Crew YouTube Channel, I wanted to test my knowledge and the suggestions I was listening to each week. I wanted to know for myself if I truly understood the concepts they talked about, or if I could just parrot words and phrases they would say.


Digital art composited in Photoshop, combining self-taken photos, stock photos, and digital brushes to create a single image.

Artist Statement

The world can be unpredictable, unstable, and unkind. These events or “storms” are miserable. Once the air settles and the rain lets up, we dry ourselves off and our lives have the potential to be changed. Our lives may become clearer in ways that we may never recognize. Knowing this, I put deliberate effort into acknowledging the potential for this clarity in my life, the indirect good that I am led to by the storm. I convince myself there is hope to be had. The storms in our life will be difficult, but oftentimes the new path that we set out on because of the dark leads to light.

That light is something I’m constantly chasing with my wife. Life together is a deliberate action, it takes dedication, and it doesn’t come easily when storms brew and blow away everything we thought we knew. But through those storms I know that with commitment and dedication, the rain will lead us to growth, and from the growth good may come. There’s sublimity to be had at the end of it all, when we finally get through the storm, and step into the light. Once in the light, we can recognize all of the unique, beautiful, and unforeseen good that has come after the unforeseen bad.


man in the rain walking towards the light