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Cole G. Hintermeister.

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About Me

This is my old website, maintained and kept around for archival and portfolio use. For more up to date information and work, check out my new website! I'm a Web Designer born and raised in Minnesota. I went to school for two years at the Rochester Community Technical College and graduated with an A.S. in Web and Interaction Design. Currently I'm pursuing a B.A. with a focus in iDesign (a variation of Graphic Design) at Winona State in Minnesota. Any pictures you see have either been created or photographed by myself, or by my father Greg Hintermeister.

Sites and Designs

These are all sites that I've designed on my own throughout my years of classes, including personal experiments that I pushed through myself just to see if I could. Also included are art pieces and designs that I've made myself, mostly with professors' guidance. I plan on my career being Web Design, though I'm certainly willing (and eventually capable) to have a job in Graphic Design. They're in chronological order from my first project to my most recent one, top to bottom.

Princess Orchid Jane Isabelle, the Rut Killer

This is just a kind of dorky page about my beautiful and favorite dog, Orchid. Pretty basic, but there's some Parallax, so I thought it was worth including here since I don't have much else to add yet.


This is a "scrapbook" page I put together for class as the first large scale project in Web Design II. Originally titled as a portfolio, this includes various photography, graphic designs, and art pieces I've made.

Cafe Oscar

A website for fictional coffee shop, Cafe Oscar, vendor of fine and foreign brews. This was the first "professional" site I created, with a pseudo-binding contract with my professor, different steps in the development including brainstorming, creating a PDF layout to choose colors and design, a rough draft/proof-of-concept, and a final product.

jQuery Experiments

These are examples of what I can do with jQuery. They're basic and raw, but they work. jQuery is similar to Javascript, but it's more front-end based so it's simpler to write and more efficient to process. The result is cleaner and quicker code.

Bootstrap Doodles

Not only did I update this main page to utilize Bootstrap, I created a secondary page to show things off that aren't used here, as well as more in depth explanatins. This specific page will also be updated as I become more fluent in Bootstrap, and as I work out the kinks in the more advanced things like tooltops, popups, things like that.

Winona State Portfolio

This is a collection of digital work that I've created that I feel is truly worth displaying. It includes some of my past works, as I wanted to collect them all into one space for a genuine portfolio, where the other works on my homepage are to let you experience my journey through design the same way I did.

Contact Cole Hintermeister

Feel free to get a hold of me on any of my social media, I'm frequently able to check any of them and would be happy to chat with you wherever you'd like! This is my old website, maintained for archival and portfolio use. Check out my new and improved website for fresh contact information!