Hey there!

This is a page built 100% from scratch by me using Bootstrap v4. In version 4, they really emphasized the use of Flexbox and containers, as well as new things that are simpler (If still a little tedious, ha!)

It's nothing fancy, that's for sure. The goal here is solely to be just a place to show off the fact I'm fluent in Bootstrap! The fancy stuff comes with custom CSS and jQuery!

Combine this fluency in Bootstrap, with the knowledge of how to use jQuery, and I'm equipped to tackle many basic Web Design obstacles that I might face.

This will definitely be updated as Bootstrap changes and evolves. How else will I prove I'm still relevant in modern software? Ha!

The colors aren't necessarily to look good, but if you look at the cource code, you get to see what different Bootstrap cues mean and where the cut-off points are for different elements on the page.

Buttons are super simple in Bootstrap. They can be outlines, solid colors, pills, many different shapes and sizes. They can be links, or just a trigger for a jQuery or Javascript event.